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How To Bid

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How To Bid
Current High Bids
All Bidders Must Be Registered
Basic Bidding
Ways To Submit Bids
Why Do Bids Sometimes Jump So Quickly?
Outbid Notices
Maximum Bids
Current Auction Goes Into Extended Bidding Period at 6:00PM ET
Auction Results
Unsold Items
Further Questions
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Register to Bid
Maximum Bids Explained
Online Bidding FAQ
Dates and Deadlines

How To Bid
Bidding online is easy!
  • Navigate to the item's detailed description/bid page.
  • Click on the field labeled New Bid; the next available bid amount is automatically filled in for you.
  • (optionally) Select a Max Bid amount from the list provided.
  • Click the button.
  • You are asked to verify your bid and max bid amounts; click the [OK] button to confirm your bid, or the [Cancel] button to make changes.

Note: If this is your first bid in this month's auction, and you did not click the button when you first logged in, you will be asked to do so now.

If your bid is successful (you are the new high bidder), you will be brought to your BidTracker list. If you are outbid (by another bidder's max bid amount), you will be notified on screen and remain on the item's detailed description/bid page.

Current High Bids
Current high bids are updated in real time, but may not reflect bids which have yet to be processed.

We provide this information only to help you decide how to bid, and we cannot guarantee that the current high bids you see here are absolutely up to date.

All Bidders Must Be Registered
In order to bid in our auction, you'll need a bidder number. You can apply for one online, by phone, by fax, or by regular mail. If you like, take a look at our registration form.

Basic Bidding
Minimum Bids
Every item has a minimum bid (abbreviated 'MB'). No bids are ever accepted below the MB.

Standard Raises
Raises must be at least 10% of the current bid amount.

Current high bids
Check current high bids online using your BidTracker™ list.You can also call, and we'll tell you the current high bids.

We keep a list of lot numbers for you
When you add items to your BidTracker™ list or give us a list of items over the phone,we keep all the numbers on file. Whenever you contact us during the auction after that, you can ask for an update on the lots you've bid on or are watching. The quickest way to check your list is by using BidTracker™,but we can also give you an update over the phone, lot by lot, or send you an update by fax or email. Of course, you can add to or subtract from the list anytime.

Ways To Submit Bids
Searching by name. Select by name on the search menu bar, enter a word or phrase, and click the [Go!] button. Use the check boxes to select the items you want to add to your BidTracker list.Click on

If you are browsing items you can also click on the item's detail/bid page.

Searching By Item Numbers. You can search for multiple item numbers (separated by commas). The search results will then give you the option to select all and then

By phone
Toll free at (800) 937-3880 or internationally at +1 (603) 732-4280

By fax
Toll free at (888) 790-2437 or internationally at +1 (603) 732-4288

By regular mail
RR Auction
Attn: Mail Bids
1 State Route 101A, Suite 3
Amherst, NH 03031

Why Do Bids Sometimes Jump So Quickly?
If there is a maximum bid on an item,and you or another bidder places a maximum bid on the same item, then the high bidjumps up so that higher maximum bid tops the lower one. If you want to learn moreabout maximum bids, see our maximum bids page.

Outbid Notices
We will always notify you by email whenever you are outbid, unless you ask us not to do so.

Maximum Bids
Maximum bids are confidential bid amounts up to which you authorize R&R to bid incrementally on your behalf.They are good for several reasons:
  • You don't have to keep contacting us over and over during the auction.
  • You don't have to lose out because someone else got through at the last minute.
  • If no one bids on the item, you get it for your initial bid.

To learn more about maximum bids and how to calculate them properly, see our maximum bids explained page.

The Current Auction (Number 609) Goes Into Extended Bidding at 6:00PM ET on Auction Closing Night - May 20th
  • All lots without an opening bid at 6:00PM ET will remain open to all bidders until 7:00PM ET or they receive a bid, whichever comes first.
  • Any lot with a single bidder at 6:00PM ET will close and be awarded to that single bidder.
  • Any lot with multiple bids at 6:00PM ET may continue receiving competitive bids but only by bidders who placed a bid on that lot before 6:00PM ET.

The Thirty Minute Rule For The Current Auction (Number 609) Kicks In At 7:00PM ET on the Evening of May 20th
  • For any lot that is active after 7:00PM ET, bidding will remain open until 30 minutes pass without a bid being placed on THAT lot.
  • Once a lot goes 30 minutes without receiving a new bid after 7:00PM ET on auction closing night, THAT lot will close.
  • The thirty minute rule is applied ON A PER LOT basis. All bids - online, email, phone, fax - are considered by the 30 minute clock.
  • PLEASE NOTE: RR Auction, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to extend the bidding, or reset the 30 minute timer, on any item at any time.
  • The Thirty Minute Rule start time may vary for certain Auction Events (such as Sports Auctions).
  • View details.

The Thirty Minute Rule does not apply to Live Auction Events.

Auction Results
Auction results are posted the afternoon following the auction close.We also contact each winning bidder by phone, fax, or email to let them know of their winnings.

Unsold Items
Unsold items may be available for purchase after the auction. Please contact [email protected] with the lot # and auction number.

Further Questions
If you have any other questions about bidding feel free to call or fax us at any of the numbers below, or email Sue Recks.